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My First Audi S6

The first S6 I purchased was a 2.2i 20v Turbo, Avant, Automatic.

It was bought on the 12/10/05 with 153,000 miles on the clock. The seller was a second hand car dealer in Aylesbury who hadn't had the car long.

A comprehensive buyers guide will appear elsewhere within this website.

I decided on the S6 Avant because I already had one child and a second was on the way.

The car I had at the time was a 80 Avant 2.0E 1994 but I needed something with even more boot space (I was getting fed up with taking the pushchair apart all the time to get it in the back) and a bit more power and refinement.

The 5 cylinder 20v engine is pretty much bullet proof and very reliable. I didn't go for the V8 model mainly due to running costs and lack of mpg.

First impressions of the car (outside) was that it was clean, tidy, panels were straight. No dents or rust.

As a precaution I did a HPI check before hand which came back all OK, everything was in order, no accident damage, theft etc.

Underneath was solid, no leaks: from the exhaust, rear diff housing, gearbox and engine oil sump. Fuel lines looked pretty solid.

Under the bonnet everything looked fine. No leaks from any hoses, pipes etc.

Inside was very spacious. I checked for water leaks by lifting the false floor and removing the spare wheel for a collection of water - very dry.

Up front, turn of the key and the engine purred into life. I took my time here to check that all the electrics where working, displays were functioning especially the climate control screen. As it was still day time I couldn't see if all the dashboard lights were working. The sunroof worked ok'ish although runners and cables could do with a bit of a spray and a grease.

During the test drive I noticed the car was pulling slightly to the right (I was thinking that it was a sticking caliper or the tracking was out).

The gear changes weren't 'clunky' and when changing using '1', '2', '3' all was well. The 'kickdown' from 4th to 3rd revealed no problems - this car could really move.

The ride quality was fine, no noises from the suspension. When pushed through the corners you could feel the presence of the quattro drive system.

The seats (leather) were very comfortable and supportive, driving postion was good added to the fact you can change the rack & reach of the steering wheel.

Ater the test drive it was time to check through all the paperwork. V5 was present and in order. The service book was stamped and all up to date having been serviced by Audi main dearlerships. New MOT and all the old ones along with wads of paperwork.

I purchased for the car for £3300.

Below are the pictures from the original advert.

Please click on the thumbnail, then click on the "expand to actual size" icon in the bottom right hand side of the image to view the full size.



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