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Previous Owner & Chip Tuning (S6 Auto)

Once I found my way around the car I thought about chipping it for a bit more performance.

I settled on a MTM chip (280bhp).

With the ECU removed from the car, I opened the cover and low and behold there was already a chip upgrade in there (300bhp) and an uprated MAP bar sensor.

OK - so I know what your thinking, how come I never noticed the performance before.....

Please bear in mind this is the first proper performance car I have owned - didn't really know what the standard 230bhp should feel like. I knew the car really shifted when I test drove it, I asked the seller is it standard, he said yes...

Amongst the paperwork I found the previous owners name and telephone number.

Very helpful person, was glad to hear that the car was being looked after. I asked if he had any performance work done, "Oh yes!"


Apart from the MTM 300bhp chip and 3.0 map bar sensor, also a MTM hybrid turbo (re-worked RS2 competition one) and a better wastegate.

This alone was worth what I paid for the car.



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