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My Second Audi S6

The second S6 I purchased was a 1996 2.2i 20v Turbo, Avant, Manual (6 speed gearbox).

It was bought on the 9/3/07 with 158,000 on the clock. The seller was a second hand car dealer based in Colchester.

I was in no rush to purchase another S6 but it had to meet the following criteria:

Same colour as the Auto I had (as I have all the panels including a new bonnet and tailgate from Audi)

6†speed manual transmission

Black interior


16" original Avus wheels

Full Audi Service History


I viewed the car, took it for a test drive and checked it all over.

Along with the usual S6 refinements, it was also fitted with a passenger side airbag, electric front seats and a rear tailgate blind.

There were a few minor marks, scratches, stone chips and one small piece of exterior trim missing - but nothing too drastic.

The sunroof didn't function, also the roof lining was in need of attention. All this didn't worry me as I had a complete donor car back home.

There were loads of receipts, paperwork - the previous owner didn't spare any money on this car.

All MOT's were present from 1999.

There were a few advisories from the latest MOT that will need addressing (rear suspension bushes), also it was nearly due for a cambelt change.

Already in my mind I had a list of parts that I could change over from the Auto S6 straight away.

I decided to buy the car, paid £2490 for it.

Below are some pictures of it once I got it back home to Sweden.

Please click on the thumbnails to view a larger size of the picture.



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