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Project 'Phoenix'

a person or thing of peerless beauty or excellence; paragon.
a person or thing that has become renewed or restored after suffering calamity or apparent annihilation and to rise from its ashes in the freshness of youth and live through another cycle of years: often an emblem of immortality or of reborn idealism or hope.

This meaning appears to fit my S6 well.

I've been 'tinkering' around with my second S6 for about a year and a half now and I feel that I want to take it to the next level.

For those of you who visit Audifans.net might already be familier with the project as I have been posting my progress on there.

I have already done a lot of work to it, but I won't spend a fortune getting it where I would like it.

Work carried out so far by yours truly:
Fitted the headlight washers from my other S6 onto this one.
Front pads and discs
Rear pads and discs
Forge DV
K&N air filter
MTM Hybrid Turbo (this started out life as an RS2 Competition turbo; this was on the other S6)
MTM remapped & chipped ECU with 3.0 Map Bar Sensor (this was on the other S6)
Wastegate (this was on the other S6)
Rear wishbone bushes
Rear wishbone to subframe bushes
Rear anti roll bar bushes
Front top mounts (easiest job I've ever done)
Regular servicing
Painted some parts of the engine.
Replaced the spark plugs (twice).
Lambda probe
Brink towbar
Major clean up of the paint work (Megs clay bar, Scratch X, Megs stages 1,2,3, Menzerna Final Finish and Collinite)
Interior clean up
New stereo with seperate removeable sub and amp in the rear
Knock sensors
Water hose pipe
Turbo hose
Oil pressure sensor
Air box cover
Rear engine plastic cover
Tailgate trim (inside)
4 wheel tracking (done by Audi)
New tyres
Roof lining (from the other S6)
Sealed the sunroof shut with tiger seal (it leaked, drastic measure I know)
4 rings door vinyl
'quattro' and 'mtm' window stickers
Did have a rear tailgate MTM chrome badge but this was nicked
Removed the later style S6 rear badge, have a first generation one but have yet to fit it
New S6 front grill badge

Thats about all I can remember for now....

Pics and work in progress/planned to follow



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