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Page 13

Aim is now to get the S6 back on the road, up and running after being laid up for 15 months

I had issues with the exhaust which have now been sorted. The quality was excellent but due to the USA bumpers

being wider than the Euro spec one's the rear box was sticking right out from the bumper, also some of the hangers

needed to be re posistioned.

I also fitted an extra sound box as it was far too loud with just the rear box.

Everything was done in stainless to match the rest of the system.



Time is not on my side now as I only have two weeks to get her through the MOT.

The gearbox mounts have broken (probably caused from being stood for so long) this is causing the gearbox to knock

against the exhaust when changing gear and accelerating.

Also I need to finish off the rear leather seats

Got one of the rear seats done and managed to retro fit the ski hatch - was a bit scary cutting into the leather to mount it....


Center arm rest after three base coats, just have to spray on three more coats along with the sealent and finish

Got all the rear seats sorted and in the car, only the headrests left, can do them at a later date.

MOT tomorrow....

Which it failed....

Not bad considering I haven't used it for 15 months.

The rear left side brake caliper was well past its best and the HC reading for the emissions was 156/100

It passed on the dodgy gearbox mount (will have to fix this).

Before the re-test a bit of a service is the order of the day, new oil and filter, cleaned out the K&N airfilter

and fitted a new set of spark plugs. Also added some fuel system cleaner.

New caliper fitted and ready to go!

Back for the retest, PAST!!

HC readings were down to 76/100

Happy Days



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